Manhattan Mercury

Since 1909s, Manhattan Mercury has been a reliable source of news information for Manhattan, Kansas. It is Manhattan, Kansas’ newspaper which provides news headlines, general information, business news, classified ads and a whole lot more. It is categorised under newspaper publishing and printing manufacturers. It was established during 1977 in Kansas. It has been estimated that currently, its annual revenues have reached up to 10 to 20 million dollars. Their staffs reach up to approximately 100 to 249. They offer a very good quality of newspapers through a good publishing.

Manhattan Mercury

They publish daily six days in a week which is from Monday to Friday and one on Sunday. Their newspaper circulation can reach up to 10,500 copies daily. It covers local news in Manhattan, sports, job ads, classified ads, community events or activities and even obituaries. Through the years, it has been a very good source of local news for the state of Kansas. It is a very well reliable newspaper with a very wide variety in delivering news for its locals.

You can be able to know more about Manhattan Mercury online by checking out their website: . Through their website, you can be able to subscribe to daily news headlines, and even have and ad pasted on their newspaper. You can find general news, headlines in the market and business field, sports news and many other topics through their online newspaper. Their website also features opinion news and editorial news. You can be able to contact the newspaper’s editors or writers if you just check their website. Classified ads are also available on their site where you can be able to find jobs and other ads which can be able to help you. In their website, you can find availabilities of how to post an ad and from services to apartments, announcements to real estate services.

Simply register through their website to avail the service and other features like receiving a daily email of news and information anytime of the day. They have also provided a directory of their writers in order for you to know more about them. Also, locations on where you can be able to pick-up their published newspaper is available in their site. Community information and local activities are also featured which will be able to help you be aware of what is in and what is happening in your community.

Nowadays, newspaper publishing companies does not only spread the news through their newspapers but they also use the internet as a tool in order for their readers to have a convenience when in search of something to read about is a website which offers news and helpful tips if you just try to search in it. You can feel free to contact them with their provided contact numbers and addresses. If you want to write to the editor of the said news paper, you can email them at or for more questions regarding their website and service, you can email them at


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