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Manhattan Mercury

February 7th, 2011

Manhattan – the city which is can be found in the north eastern part of Kansas, USA. Also known as the “little apple”, Manhattan is the home the Kansas State University. This city relies on Manhattan Mercury which is its reliable daily newspaper. Through the years, it is the most prominent tool of those who loves in Manhattan which delivers the news and entertainment for homes. They cover local news, sports, business news, job availabilities and local community events. They publish their newspapers six days in a week which is from Monday to Saturday.  They can be able to circulate a number of 10, 500 copies daily. It is considered to be the heir or the descendant of the Western Kansas Express. The newspaper is owned by the Seaton Group.

Manhattan Mercury

They offer everyday news which can be delivered in your doorstep if you are located in Kansas. Their executive editor is Bill Felber. He started was a part time sports and news reporter when he started and became the executive since 1986. They do not only offer information through their newspaper but also you can check out their online services at. Through their website, you can be able to get a feed of the daily news headlines and keep track of their writers. You can also find locations on where to get the newspaper anywhere in Manhattan. You can also log in online in order for you to subscribe to the paper or avail of subscription for free news emails. When you subscribe to Manhattan Mercury,  you can be able to get connected to a very good quality and reliable source of information be it in business, sports, community affairs and a whole lot more. It has been in the field of news reporting and news publishing since 1909s. Breaking news and searchable local information are also available through their website which is for free. You can subscribe to their electronic newspaper or get a hold of their print and published newspaper.

This Manhattan, Kansas’ daily newspaper always gives the latest news and information for its readers. With a group of reliable and interesting writers, you can be able to find much facts and daily reports. They also presents opinions, editorial headlines, general headlines and calendar of activities. By trying to log in online you can have a fast news delivered in your homes without having to get out. Thus, you can be aware of the things surrounding you especially if you are in Manhattan, Kansas.

Register online in order to avail of the daily headlines and data Is just a click away so try to check and view it for more information about the daily paper. Manhattan Mercury is a very steadfast source of news and information. It is one of the top rated and dependable news paper in the state of Kansas. You can also get a hold of them by trying to contact them or email them at or for more questions about their website email.